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These new socks from Sealskinz are both waterproof and breathable but are the lightest and thinnest form that this Company and many other Companies have produced. The immediately obvious difference between these socks and most waterproof socks is the thinness which means that a pair like this can comfortably be used in summer as well as winter. There is also the added benefit of, if like me you wear tight-fitting SPD shoes, then you are still able to enjoy the benefits of being able to fit and wear a pair of waterproof socks.

These socks consist of a coolmax absorption inner layer which gives excellent wicking properties. There is then a 100% Porelle waterproof and breathable membrane covered with elasticised nylon and rubber, providing fast drying, low absorption and probably good durability. This, together with seamless technology, means that the fit is very good. The socks are stretchable and comfortable, certainly one of the more comfortable socks that the Cycle1st team has tried.

There isn’t a great deal that can be said about a pair of socks. Are they waterproof…Yes… unless you intend to go snorkelling. Are they warm but not excessively so…Yes. Do they breath well …they certainly do. Are they comfortable to wear and practical…Yes, very much so. That leaves durability.

As with all tests durability is an issue covered by use and time. We can only suggest that, as these socks appear to be of good materials and well made, and they are of course from a top line designer/manufacturer, we envisage no problems. We have experience of other items from Sealskinz which have easily stood the test of time.

This is a very good pair of waterproof and breathable light socks that would be eminently suitable for wet summer rides and most winter rides too in all but the coldest and wettest of conditions.

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